The fitness industry is pretty famous in how it has adapted to the COVID-19 crisis. With gyms closing across the nation, people have turned to at-home solutions to get fit. Peloton exercise bikes have become so popular, the company can’t even keep up with delivery demand, and personal trainers have turned to Zoom to meet with their clients in the most personal setting available during this socially distant time.

It makes sense to get online during this time, if you haven’t already, but in case you’re not sold on it, here are a few reasons you need a website if you’re in the fitness industry.

1. Scheduling Appointments

Imagine having a portal where your clients can schedule their training sessions or nutrition appointments online, without having to make a million phone calls back and forth, or doing everything over Facebook messenger. With your own website, you can have appointments at your fingertips, and keep it all organized in one place.

2. Accepting Payments

There are a ton of ways to accept payments from your clients these days . . . Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, you name it. But having a payment option on your website that is linked to your appointment system or product offering will make getting paid that much more seamless. You want people to go online, make that purchase, and PAY YOU MONEY.

3. Sharing Digital Content

In this climate, you can do more than book in-person appointments on your website. You can offer digital training sessions or consultations, post PDFs of workouts or nutrition plans, and offer access to special social media groups for coaching. A lot of this digital content can be created once and sold multiple times, so it’s a lot of money for less effort. Passive income is something to celebrate!

4. Reaching Your Customers at Home

If you were formerly at a gym or a storefront location, it can be a drastic change, with customers not coming directly to you anymore. Reaching your customers in the comfort and safety of their own home is beneficial to everyone involved. With just a click, they can access your services and products. Convenient for them, a quick pay day for you.

5. Being Accessible

We’ve told our clients before, if you don’t have a website, you basically don’t exist. You need a place for your clients and customers to land when they look for you. You can link all your social media to your website and have a home on the Internet. With the tools we provide our clients, you can show up in search results and become a big name among your preferred customers. We’ll help you get there.

If you’re in the fitness industry and interested in having a website of your own, contact us for a free consultation.