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Web Design + Development

We will meet with you to determine your vision for your website design, and then we will deliver you a beautiful and functional website. Each website we create is customized from the ground up, to reflect exactly who you are as a company. They are designed to be easy to maintain, so you don't have to pay for updating a few words here and there.

SEO + Content Marketing

Maybe we have just built you a beautiful website, or maybe you already have a website you really like. Either way, we want people to actually visit your website. That's where SEO and content marketing come in. Voce Media will develop engaging content for your website that will increase traffic, and by virtue of that, will increase your customers!

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a great way to get your website to the top of Google's search results. We can target keywords that drive the customers you really want to your website, and back that up with good content to keep them there.

Voice Over Work

If you have video or audio content that needs a really great voice to attract your audience, Voce Media has what you need! We have a variety of talent from which to choose, and all of our voiceover performers are seasoned professionals. Listen to the clip above for an example of our work.


Q: Do you provide free consultations?

We DO provide free consultations! Our packages are so customized to exactly what you need and want, we couldn't do business any other way. We have to talk to you to get an idea of how to meet your needs, so we will usually schedule a Zoom call to discuss everything before presenting you with a proposal for our services.

Q: How much do you charge?

No two packages are the same, so this is a very hard question to answer. We will always try to find the most affordable solution to your marketing concerns, but we are a high value business. You will receive a great return on investment for our services.

Q: What makes you better than my grandson who knows how to use Facebook?

I could write a book on this. For starters, our team is highly educated in the field of marketing, so we know how to make Facebook (and other platforms) work for your business. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and can use social media marketing methods in the powerful way they were intended to be used. You want to leave your business to the professionals, trust us.

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

You will have to sign a contract for your website design, and for social media services, but the contract for social media services can be terminated at any time with 30 days notice. The website contract is for a one-time service, so there is not a long-term commitment there, either.

Q: Will you do a payment plan?

For some services, a payment plan can certainly be worked out, depending on your budget. As long as all parties are in agreement, we can usually work something out. We care about your business and want you to succeed. Any way we can help you work that out, we are happy to oblige.

Q: Can I come to your office?

Voce Media is the most COVID-19 friendly business there is, because we work 100% remotely. Lyndsey is located in Japan (soon to be New Orleans) and Jacob is in Vancouver. We do most of our meetings over Zoom, so you don't even have to wear real clothes for us! All of our products exist on the Internet, so it makes the most sense for us to work this way.

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